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Trial Server

n_wolf a posted Jul 14, 14
I got a server us to try out.
IronCraftr Heya Wolf Want some help Bro im willing xD I've been so busy lately haha. I got a server if u want to transfer anything ...
Broward the server is down!! D: oh no...
Twilight Thief I have tried to get on, but my game crashes after I move five blocks or so.
Ok, so in the last few months I guess I've gotten burnt out over Minecraft. It wasn't much fun trying to run server. I never really wanted to be an owner. Being a co-owner with ProXcaliber was great, but on my own wasn't so great. So at this time I am declaring Procraft, dead.

However, I do have a good idea for a new server.

"if i do ever start another server, its going to be one big forest. when you first start you must choose wolf or human. you will then live the rest of your life as a wolf or a human. each group would get its own special powers. Eg, wolf can run, dig, jump faster and better than a human. But they can't make fancy tools, weapons, or armor .Might also make monster groups where they can't mine, but they can steal/kill for ores."

That is the basic idea. For now it is still just an idea. Let me take some time to fully work out the details. I will post here sometime in the future with some polls to see what you would like to see. Those wishing to help don't know. Just stick around and something will happen.

If I do decide to make this happen, I needs:

  • Sample trees. Big trees. Really really, tall trees. Not jungle trees but hand made spruce trees to fill the forest with.
  • A co-owner. Co-owner must be willing to deal with all the daily problems I can't get to.
  • Staff! I forget who was staff.
  • Time. If you have extra time (or time machine) and you understand how bukkit works, I am looking for volunteers to help program or configure plugins. Anyone know Terrain Control?

I don't known when of if I'm even going to really make this happen. So don't your hopes up just yet. Right now its all just a bunch of hot air.


Wolfpackshootr If it happens the spawn should have a memorial with the founding and ending of procraft.
Broward Please make this happen. I can be a VERY big help in building, but that's about it.
PoloMane1997 …I think a couple extra groups should be added ._. but that's just me. I'll try to be as much help as I can also, I ha ...

Still working on it

n_wolf a posted Feb 8, 14
Broward there is a user named "LemonFox" who has a sample tree world download and a few other world downloads on minec ...
Broward i still havent given up on ProCraft. the people that visited that server we're amazing. i know that there is little hope ...
Yoborzen Procraft is the best <3